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  • Law-School ‘Mismatch’ Is Worse Than We Thought
    Richard Sander: With the Supreme Court poised to rule on affirmative-action in admissions, the time to spread the word is now. Eighteen years ago, I published an article in the Stanford Law Review which documented for the first time the enormous breadth and scale of race-based admissions preferences in law... Read more »
  • Great Books Homeschool
    www  grades does the curriculum cover? We provide a complete curriculum for kindergarten through twelfth grade. Does the curriculum produce its own books or learning materials? The curriculum is compiled from carefully selected external materials. This allows the student to benefit from the world’s best educational sources in each subject,... Read more »
  • why do older grad students become bitter?
    Lili: The other day, a new grad student asked me this question. It brought me back to my own first year. When I entered grad school, I noticed that the older grad students just seemed… oddly bitter? The 6th years were living in a different world from us 1st years.... Read more »
  • The Tyranny of the DIE Bureaucracy
    Wall Street Journal: Critical race theory is becoming institutionalized across American universities, and a major reason is the educational bureaucracy. Most universities now have offices for diversity, equity and inclusion, or DEI, that exercise a broad writ on campus and act as speech police within the university. That power was... Read more »
  • Stop requiring college degrees for jobs that don’t need them
    Rachel Cohen: When President Joe Biden recently touted the hundreds of billions of dollars invested into American manufacturing in the last two years, he included a talking point that previous Democratic presidents might not have bragged about. New factories in Ohio, he said, could offer thousands of “jobs paying $130,000... Read more »
  • Commentary on kids and smartphones
    Great letter in @FT about moral panic around kids and smartphones and the lack of data to support it. One of the authors @OrbenAmy has been a constant voice of calm in a debate where too many – including it seems the FT – have succumbed to hysteria Read more »
  • Covid changed parents’ view of schools — and ignited the education culture wars
    Hannah Natanson And Leah McCullough, 38, who has one child in the Mentor district and home-schools her other three, dates her distrust of public education to the era of Zoom school, when she said she saw lessons she deemed outlandish. “I started noticing, they would break off into these meetings... Read more »