The Implementation

GATHER EXPEDITIOUSLY THE BEST AND BROADEST INPUT FROM MANY QUARTERS BEFORE DEVELOPING CONCRETE PLANS. Gather experts from State industry and academia as well as from the rest of the nation/world to understand, brainstorm, inspire and propose ways to the Governor to develop the concrete plans for implementation of the “Target”. This is the beginning of the HOW, and in some circles has already begun.  And though the State has to set the overall direction, “it is only businesses that create jobs and wealth!” (Michael Porter – ‘Passing Grade’, Hefty &Torinus, 4/14).

NOTE: MAJOR TURN AROUNDS CAN HAPPEN SOONER. BUT STAY THE COURSE! Given the commitment to the “Stretch Target”, 1 and 5 year firm action plans, and a longer-term horizon for target landmarks for both state and private industry will be developed and implemented. (Earlier well conceived  plans such as Be Bold and Be Bold II, New North, and etc….will be dusted off and/or incorporated into Be Bold III & IV where appropiate with their respective, newly assigned  mini-stretch targets.) Guideposts for tracking by State and public will be  established.

And note states such as  Colorado, with its Key Industry Cluster Strategy, socioeconoomic measures for its entire population, and   pro-growth Democrats and libertarian Republicans.  Utah with its grassroots, non idealogical research-based approach, as well as Iowa have all relied on shorter term economic turnaround plans to move from below national  average job growth to near the top in less than a decade!